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Spring Rolls – An Independent Short Film Review

In Spring Rolls, a short thriller from Palfery-Productions, ltd, a Chinese wife named Kym (played by Ava Lyn Koh) runs a restaurant in London. She has her suspicions that her husband (played by Wu Qiang) is cheating on her and sets out to find out if she is correct. If so, she needs to discover who the other woman might be. When she finds the woman, how exactly should she take her revenge?

Independent Thriller Film

Die-hard thriller movie fans will be disappointed if they are expecting a movie that will keep them on the edge of their seat. It’s more like Thriller 101 – perfect for viewers who are just getting a taste of the genre. The story is very predictable, yet there are a few red herrings thrown in to keep it interesting.

Although the storyline is weak, it holds the viewer’s attention as it deals with raw human emotion. The actors and their sentiments are very believable, and are ones that the average viewer might relate to in regards to feelings of love, friendship, betrayal, and bitterness. Directors Shrikant Shelar and Arin Leviti do a marvelous job capturing human passion and telling a full story in the film’s almost 16-minute run time. Actors Jade Alexander and Bacilna-Brittany Li are strong in their supporting roles, yielding a balanced cast. When the film ends, the viewer is left with questions, not about the story itself, but about what might happen next. It’s a great conversation starter.

Importance of Cinematography

The production value of Spring Rolls is its greatest strength. The music matches the environment and keeps the tension high but not overwhelming. The camera angles tell a story of their own. Each second contributes to the film, with no fill-space, making the viewers feel as if they are part of the story.

The visuals are stunningly clear, and the costumes each individual wears tell more about the characters, contributing to the story. The actors speak in Mandarin Chinese, but the subtitles are clear and easy to read. The English translation is perfect, without the grammatical errors common in many foreign films.

Film Review Summary

Is this a film to run out, view, and rave about to your friends? Probably not. That said, if you do view it, you most likely won’t find it a waste of your time. It’s a prime example of how important visuals are in the world of cinematography. If you focus more on the art than the story itself, it’s definitely worth watching.

  • Spring Rolls
  • Starring Ava Lyn Koh, Wu Qiang, Jade Alexander, and Bacilna-Brittany Li
  • Produced by John Smith
  • Directed by Shrikant Shelar and Arin Leviti
  • Running time: 16 minutes
  • Palfery-Productions, ltd
  • Rating: 3/5

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