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Spring Preschool Activities for the Felt Board

With spring around the corner, it is time for preschool teachers and early childhood educators to bring out the spring theme activities for circle time as well as the overall preschool curriculum. This article will focus on spring felt board activities, in particular those that foster skill development in learning concepts. Felt sits on felt, and with the use of a flannel board, felt activities can be very enjoyable for young children to experience. They can use felts at individual or small group stations or enjoy the visual presentation of felts on a felt board through an adult caregiver. In addition, using felts on a flannel board can be very advantageous for teaching.The following article suggests a variety of spring felt activities for any early childhood setting.

Matching Activities on the Flannel Board

Matching activities are a great tool for teaching color, size, shape and design to young children. In addition, matching experiences allow children to participate themselves by bringing a felt piece to the flannel board at a circle time or by matching the felt pieces themselves at a classroom station. With felt, the children can feel the softness of the material, and the fabric is very durable for those little hands.

Felt Easter Eggs for the Flannel Board

For this activity, try making pairs of eggs with matching color and design. The best scenario is when each child can have one egg in his/her hand to bring to a flannel board. The children must try and find the Easter egg on the flannel board that matches the egg in their hands. A song to go along with the matching eggs is sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”:

I’m an Easter egg, just look at me

I’m as happy as I can be.

I have lots of colors, no longer white

With lots of designs, I’m quite a sight!

Spring Felt Activity for Developing Counting Skills

Many felt board activities do not have to follow a story, but can be used to facilitate the young children’s process of learning concepts. This suggestion is to use umbrellas and raindrops to match numbers to dots. The umbrellas will be made from different colors and the raindrops will have matching colors. In addition, the umbrella can be given dots on them from 1-5, or how many you wish to make. The raindrops will hold the written number. The activity will unfold with the young children having to match the number to the umbrella which displays the correct amount of dots. This number match could translate to a great variety of spring themes such as kites and clouds or flowers and bees.

Spring Flowers of Different Sizes

There are many poems about flowers that translate well into felt pieces. This felt board suggestion is to make three different series of flowers of different sizes. When the child brings his/her flower to the flannel board, he/she will have to decide which color scheme it matches with and where the particular size belongs in the series. A song that works well with the spring flowers is sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”:

The flower has some roots, the flower has some roots.

The roots will carry food and drink, the flower has some roots.

The flower has a stem, the flower has a stem.

The stem will make it stand up tall, the flower has a stem.

The flower has some leaves, the flower has some leaves.

The leaves will catch the rain and sun, the flower has some leaves.

The flower has some petals, the flower has some petals..

The petals call the birds and bees, the flower has some petals

More Felt Board Suggestions for Spring Themes

There are many songs and books that fit well into preschool lesson plans and curriculums around spring, such as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In addition, special days can be planned in spring themes like Frog Theme Day and with this special day, Five Green and Speckled Frogs is a great felt board choice. Many preschool classrooms take trips to the farms during spring and felts can be made to correlate to a farm animal theme such as Old Macdonald Had a Farm and Five Little Ducks.

Spring felt activities are a great inclusion for any classroom curriculum. The felts can be handmade without taking too much of the teacher’s time, or purchased from other felt makers. The felts are wonderful visual aids with their bright spring colors. In addition, they are long lasting and great for teaching concepts.

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