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Spring Break 2019 Travel Guide: Money Saving Tips, Safety & More

Spring Break 2019 is coming! Are you ready? This year, with so many college students struggling to pay for tuition and to deal with the economic downturn, the biggest trend is saving money. But that doesn’t mean that students can’t have a blast if students take the time to plan.

Here’s a guide to help students put together an unforgettable Spring Break 2019.

Money-Saving Tips for Spring Break 2019

Here’s the thing about travel during a recession: if you can afford it, you can save a lot of money. Yes, destinations often raise their prices during prime Spring Break travel times, and that can hurt. But on the other hand, since so many students and other travellers are opting out of vacations, prices aren’t being raised as much as they have been in the past, and bargains are there to be found. Moreover, travel destinations that have been hostile to Spring Break student travellers in the past are rethinking their decision because they need the money.

To help you keep your trip under budget, here are some money-saving Spring Break tips to help you out.

And here’s a helpful Spring Break shopping guide to stick to as you decide what you really need to bring and what you don’t.

Top Spring Break Destinations for 2019

So where are the deals? One place to look is the all-inclusive vacation package, especially ones that include alcohol and food. Surprisingly, another place to look is the cruise industry. The cruise industry has been hit hard in recent years, thanks to a few highly public accidents and the recession, so this is a great time to get a deal on a cruise.

Here are some of the most popular Spring Break destinations this year:

  • The Bahamas
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Mazatlan, Mexico
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Acapulco, Mexico
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • South Padre Island, Texas

Of course, for students looking to save some money, some of the best deals and the most fun can be had at destinations that aren’t so popular. Consider taking a road trip with friends, or camping, or hanging out in a big city and taking advantage of student discounts.

To get you thinking about alternatives to the beach vacation, here are some more cheap Spring Break travel ideas. And here’s a growingly popular Spring Break idea that makes a lot of sense during a recession: devoting your break to volunteer work. Here’s more about alternative Spring Breaks for charitable causes.

Spring Break Safety and Travel Scams

For many students, Spring Break is an unforgettable rite of passage – but it can also be a very dangerous adventure if things don’t go right! Excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking can result in real safety problems, like sexual violence or being robbed. In addition, students are perceived by criminals as easy targets, so it’s important to use good common sense when it comes to securing your property. Here’s a basic guide to Spring Break safety tips to keep your trip memorable for the right reasons.

And speaking of criminals taking advantage of students, here’s something bargain-hunting students really need to be aware of: travel scams. Some travel packages really are too good to be true. Here’s what students need to know about Spring Break travel scams, and here are some Spring Break travel tips to help you venture safety to, from, and around your destination.

Spring Break can be expensive and dangerous – but it doesn’t need to be if you use common sense and take the time to make some money-saving plans. Hopefully these tips will help you have a happy and unforgettable vacation. Happy Spring Break 2019!

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