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Six Easter Egg Decorating Ideas: Making Fun Decorative Items out of Eggs

The word Easter conjures up images of colorful eggs and bunnies of all sizes and colors. And kids can’t help but love Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies. They’ll love them more if they have a personal contribution in creating these Easter goodies.

Here are six easy Easter Egg decorating ideas that parents can use to keep their kids amused this holiday season.

Multi-colored Easter Eggs

Mix one tablespoon of food color with two teaspoon of vinegar in a small bowl. Add some water. The more water is added, the lighter the shade will be. Dip a hard-boiled egg into the bowl. To achieve a darker shade, let the egg stay longer in the bowl. Pat dry each egg with a paper towel when it is removed from the bowl. Then put the egg in an egg tray or holder. Use a variety of food colors for several eggs to make a colorful Easter Egg basket.

Marbled Easter Eggs

The ingredients are the same as above with an extra item – cooking oil. Add one tablespoon of oil into the food color, vinegar and water mixture. Give it a quick stir. Then, dip an egg into the bowl. Remove the egg quickly and let it dry. For more interesting color combinations, repeat the same procedure using another food color.

Finger Print Easter Eggs

Squeeze some non-toxic acrylic paint on a small dish. Then dip a finger on the paint and press it on the egg shell. For better results, practice pressing on a piece of paper first. When there are enough finger prints on the shell, let it dry. To preserve the egg, spray a layer of acrylic sealer on the shell surface when it is thoroughly dry.

Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Wrap a hard-boiled egg with rubber bands all over it. Then dip it into a bowl containing the mixture of food color, vinegar and water. Let it stay there for a while. Then remove the egg, pat it dry and take off the rubber bands. The areas covered by rubber bands will still have the original egg shell color. To add more colors to the egg, repeat the procedure with different colors. The result – a riot of colors on the egg!

Waxed Easter Eggs

Light a candle and let the wax drip onto the egg shell. When the wax hardens, dip the egg into the food color mixture bowl. Remove the egg from the bowl and pat it dry. Gently scrap the wax off and dip the egg into another color.

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

There are many ways to achieve that polka dot look. Color in the dots with acrylic paint, crayons or marker pens. Another way is to put little round-shaped stickers all over the egg shell. Alternatively, create paper dots using a hole puncher. Then glue the paper dots onto the egg shell.

Colorful Easter Eggs are easy to make. Try mixing colors to create Multi-colored Easter Eggs, Marbled Easter Eggs, Finger Print Easter Eggs, Rubber Band Easter Eggs, Waxed Easter Eggs and Polka Dot Easter Eggs. The kids will have fun and take great pride in helping to create these little egg wonders.

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