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Make Your Own Easter Tree: Decorating Your Home Inside And Out

The kids will love making this Easter tree. Make is a new tradition to the start of the Easter or Spring season.

Materials Needed:

  • A tree branch
  • Spray paint
  • Plastic eggs
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hammer and nail
  • Floral foam in a deep bowl
  • Floral moss
  • Optional: Aluminum foil, Paints and brushes, Markers, Scrap magazines, Wrapping paper, or Tissue paper, Scrapbooking paper


  1. When choosing your branch make sure it has a heavy base to use for a trunk and has many finger branches coming off of the trunk.
  2. This step is for the adults. Spray paint the branch so that it is thoroughly covered from all angles and allow it to dry.
  3. Open each plastic egg. Using the hammer and nail punch a hole into the center of the top piece of each egg. This one will have a more narrow shape.
  4. Cut one eight inch piece of 1/4″-1/2″ ribbon for each egg.
  5. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and insert both ends into the hole in the egg. Knot the ends.
  6. Glue each egg closed

Fun For the Kids

  1. Use as many options as possible. The more choices the kids have the more creative they will be.
  2. If using aluminum foil, have the kids tear it into small pieces to be glued onto the egg alone or with a combination of other medium.
  3. The paints, brushes are for the kids to add color either to the plastic or once the egg is covered in one or more of the papers. Encourage them to personalize their eggs.
  4. Have the kids use the markers to add their names or geometric designs.
  5. Have the kids cut out pictures from the magazines that represent who they are or who they would like to be. The pictures can be glued onto the eggs or abstracted by tearing into pieces before gluing.
  6. They can also use the magazines just for fun cutting out pictures, colors or textures that just appeal to them.
  7. Tissue paper is a great medium and when over lapped shows how new colors can be created.
  8. Wrapping paper can be torn up and used also.
  9. If you have left over beads, trim, sequins, or stickers let the kids explore.

Assembling the Tree

  1. Insert the branch into the floral foam. Add glue if needed to make sure it is secure.
  2. Cover the remainder of the floral foam with moss and allow it to trail over the bowl in places.
  3. Have the kids hang their creations on the branches.
  4. You can add the real colored eggs around the base of the branch and around the outside of the bowl.
  5. Display it in a place of honor so the kids can show all of their friends.

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