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Make Your Own Easter Bunny Card: Impress Friends and Family with an Easter Bunny Greeting Card

A handmade Easter card can be folded concertina-style, then covered with torn strips of tissue paper and decorated with glitter glue. This adds a textural quality for an Easter bunny embossed peel-off sticker attached to the front fold.

You can also personalise the card to make it unique and add you own special Easter message.

  1. Place a 6″x11″ sheet of green card on a cutting mat. With a metal ruler and a sharp HB pencil, mark lines 2″ and 8″ from the left-hand short edge along the top of the card and again along the bottom. Turn over the card and mark a line 4″ from the right-hand short edge top and bottom.
  2. Turn the card back over and align the metal ruler with the top and bottom pencil marks 2″ from the left-hand edge. With a scoring tool, score along the ruler right across the card. Repeat at the 8in pencil marks. Turn the card over and score across the card at the 4″ pencil marks.
  3. Fold along the two outer score lines so that the score lines lie inside the folds, then turn over the card to fold the inner line. Keeping the card on the cutting mat, press along the creases firmly with the flat edge of a bone cutter.
  4. Find the grain of a sheet of colored tissue or handmade paper and tear strips approximately 7″ long and 1″ wide. Some handmade paper may not have a grain, so experiment. The strips should be longer than the card.
  5. Apply glue to the card, then place the torn tissue strips onto the glue – it is easier to glue the card than the delicate tissue. Cover both front and rear panels with tissue, making sure that the strips overhang the edges. With a medium-sized pair of scissors, trim the ends of the tissue to align with the card.
  6. Carefully remove the Easter bunny sticker and place on a 5″x6″ sheet of white card – ease the sticker off carefully as it might tear. Using a craft knife, cut around the edge of the sticker carefully so as not to leave any white card showing.
  7. Place PVA (white) glue just along the bottom of the reverse side of the Easter bunny and attach to the front flap. Add small dots of the glitter glue all over the front two panels of the card. Leave to dry.

And there you have it – an Easter bunny greeting card!

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