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How to Make a Unique Easter Cross Card: Homemade Card Design Ideas for Religious Easter Cards

The cross is a traditional symbol used on religious Easter cards, reminding Christians of Christ’s self-sacrifice and resurrection. Flowers have been long associated with hope and new life, so are an ideal image to add to any Easter card. A beautiful and very memorable homemade card can be achieved by combining these two ideas.

Handmade Easter Card Materials

The following materials will be needed to create this card:

  • A small aperture card with a pre-cut-out square frame. This card was created using a 105x120mm card with a 60x60mm frame. Aperture cards are available at most craft stores.
  • A small piece of coloured card cut into the shape of a diamond. Cut the diamond to a size that will fit into the middle of the aperture window with its points touching the edges of the frame.
  • Some close-up images of white or yellow flowers, either printed from the internet or photographed by hand. Daffodils bloom early in the year and so are often associated with Easter, as are white lilies which represent purity and salvation.
  • A cross charm, or a necklace or bracelet with a cross.
  • Scissors, glue, and sticky tape.
  • Optional: A gold pen, sticker embellishments, ribbon or beads, and some decoupage foam sticky pads.

Easter Flowers

Cut out the images of white or yellow flowers and stick them within the aperture window. Arrange the images so that the prettiest parts of the flowers are at the corners. Remember that whatever lies behind the frame will not be seen, so the images do not need to be perfectly trimmed. For this card, four images of white lilies, roses and narcissi were chosen and arranged at each corner.

Next, the square diamond of coloured card should be stuck centrally in the aperture window so that its four corners touch the sides of the frame. The diamond can then be embellished with stickers, glitter, or other details. For this card, a pastel blue diamond was embellished with silver corner stickers. For greater effect, the diamond can be raised to the same level as the frame using decoupage sticky foam pads. These are available at most craft stores either as part of a decoupage kit or separately.

The Easter Cross

The cross necklace or bracelet can now be draped inside the aperture window so that it hangs over the coloured diamond. Aperture cards are folded into three sections with the window in the middle. Behind this is the section that the flower images and diamond will be glued to. It is to this section that the cross should be secured. Use sticky tape to attach the ends to the area that will be hidden by the frame, or tape them over the back of the card. Don’t worry if it looks messy; this part of the card will be hidden. Take time positioning the cross to achieve the desired effect before securing it in place.

An alternative to using a cross necklace or bracelet is to buy a cross charm and create a colourful string to hold it. For this card, a bead string in pastel Easter colours was made to hold the cross, but a ribbon would work equally well. Beads and charms can be found in bead shops, some jewellery stores, and most craft stores.

Finishing Touches

Now that the main card is complete, any finishing touches can be added, including extra stickers, glitter, or ribbon. This card was finished with a simple gold line around the frame, drawn with a gold pen. A message, Easter greeting or Bible quote could also be added to the front of the card underneath the frame.

Finally, glue the back of the frame to the section behind it so that the card no longer has three parts. This will cover up any messy areas and give the card a tidy, finished look.

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