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How to Find an Easter Egg Hunt: Holiday Activity Resources for Parents and Kids

Hunting for painted or candy filled eggs is a long standing Easter tradition. Children delight in filling baskets with holiday treasures during this spring time event. Locating a nearby egg hunt can be made simple by following some of these how-to steps.

Easter Egg Hunt Websites

Some nationally run websites have listings of Easter egg hunts by state. These sites offer an inventory of different Easter egg hunts and activities, as well as special holiday themed event information.

One example is EasterEggHuntsandEvents.org. This website allows parents to browse states and cities for Easter egg fun. Location addresses, phone numbers, and additional information are provided.

Other online sources that may be of use when trying to locate an Easter egg hunt are local municipality websites. Townships and even school districts may have links to their own egg hunts or to others that are in the general area.

Finding Easter Activities in Local Publications

Local or city newspapers and magazines are also a great source of Easter egg hunt information. Ads and community bulletins update residents on nearby Easter activities for families, as well as provide a link to general events that are child friendly.

These print sources may contain multiple listings for egg hunts and Easter activities such as parades, pictures with the Easter Bunny, or egg decorating classes. Usually dates, times, and contact phone numbers will be given. Parents can use these listings to pick and choose a few different holiday activities or single in on one specific event.

Easter Events at Farms

Many farms that are open to the public hold yearly seasonal egg hunts. Typically, these commercial farms have some sort of market or garden center attached. Farms that are not open to the public for shopping purposes are not likely to have special holiday events.

Some state and national agricultural organizations have listings of farms by area. For example, The Pennsylvania Retail Farm Market Association has a section where visitors can access addresses and links to in-state farms. Not all farms on this listing hold family events, but the informational links may help parents to narrow down the choices.

School and Community Sponsored Easter Events

Some schools, child care centers, community organizations or churches sponsor Easter activities that include egg hunts. Information about these holiday events is generally provided in an organizational newsletter or flyer.

Families traveling out of town for the Easter holiday can ask relatives or friends about locally offered school or community egg hunts. These events are not always offered to the general public. Parents should call ahead to check and see if these egg hunts are open to children who do not attend the school or church where the egg hunt is offered.

There are many resources that are available to parents who want to locate an Easter egg hunt, egg roll, or related event. From websites to local newspapers, families can easily find dates, times, and other information about fun holiday festivities.

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