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Free Easter Crafts & Fun Activities for Children: Holiday Coloring Printables, Eggs, Games, Fonts, Craft & Downloads

Children will love these fun activities for Easter, many of the crafts highlighted are suitable for preschool kids from age two upwards and some of the activities are linked in with educational and traditional Easter stories and songs. The range of craft activities highlighted in this article varies from free coloring printables with Easter images and themes to making decorated Easter Eggs which would be great for gifts or decorating but could even be used for traditional egg rolling competitions.

Easter Activities for Children – Includes Holiday Coloring Printables & Crafts

The children’s activity website DLTK is a great resource for free coloring printables with some fun Easter images featuring bouncing rabbits on pogo sticks and gleeful Easter chicks but the site also offers a range of religious images which are ideal for supporting work on the Easter story or Sunday school sessions with children.

The Pokemon coloring sheets could well prove more popular though and they are also linked in with a simple on-line Pokemon game. DLTK also offer a variety of on-line games to amuse children.

DLTK have a wide range of Easter crafts which includes eleven different ways of decorating traditional boiled eggs with beautiful finishes – from floral designs to crayoned, fingerprinted or pretty pastel eggs which are created with tissue paper dyes.

Some of the range of Easter craft activities offered by DLTK include:

  • Sections on Easter bunny, lamb or chick craft themes
  • Easter wreaths
  • Easter baskets and holders
  • Decorated Easter bonnets
  • Handmade Easter egg jewellery
  • Activities are also based around Palm Sunday
  • Selection of Easter poems and songs accompanied by themed activities
  • Printables such as Easter cards, calendars, bookmarks
  • Easter themed worksheets, for example – cryptograms, maths, word puzzles or tracing sheets

This site also has a range of Easter recipes which include the traditional hot cross bun and a rainbow colored Easter cake.

The internet site ActivityVillage also offers a variety of Easter crafts and downloads which include:

  • Origami
  • Printables and coloring sheets
  • Games
  • Puzzles and wordsearches
  • Jigsaws
  • Fuse bead crafts
  • Easter crafts to make such as pom pom chick keyrings and Easter themed masks
  • Marzipan animals
  • Eggshell mosaics
  • How to weave an Easter placemat

Many of these Easter holiday and craft activities for children are a great educational tool to use in nurseries with preschool or young children to support and reinforce learning or to support Sunday school Bible activities. The internet sites linked above also offer Easter fonts and wallpapers together with further links to a number of other internet activity sites which are a great way of keeping kids entertained with crafts activity throughout the school holidays.

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