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Easy Easter Confetti Eggs: How to Make a Fun and Simple Springtime Craft

Decorating Easter eggs is a favorite spring activity. Put a surprising spin on this craft project by filling hollow eggs with bits of confetti. Break these fun Easter confetti eggs to celebrate the spring season. This is a great craft project for kids with some adult assistance and supervision.

Supplies for Confetti Easter Eggs

  • Several medium or large eggs
  • Colorful tissue paper or newspaper
  • Craft glue
  • Items to decorate eggs: markers, egg dyeing kit, paint
  • Confetti or colored birdseed
  • Sharp tool to poke holes in eggshells: a nail works well for this
  • Bowl to hold egg yolk

How to Make Confetti Easter Eggs

  1. With a sharp tool like a nail, carefully poke two holes in the top and base of an egg. The opening at the base of the egg should be slightly larger than at the top.
  2. Use the tool to break the yolk inside the egg. Hold egg over bowl to catch the yolk.
  3. Help the draining process by blowing lightly on the top end of the egg.
  4. Once the egg is drained, allow to dry for at least thirty minutes so that the confetti does not stick to the shell inside.
  5. Deposit 1 tsp of confetti or colored bird seed into the larger opening of the egg.
  6. Cut out a piece of tissue paper or newspaper, large enough to cover the opening at the base of the egg.
  7. Attach tissue paper to the base of the egg with a thin line of glue so that the larger opening in the egg is completely closed. Let stand for several minutes until the glue is dry.
  8. Decorate eggs with paint, markers, an egg-dyeing kit, and other craft supplies. Allow eggs to dry completely before being handled.
  9. Crack these eggs for a shower of colorful confetti.

Confetti Easter Egg Tips

  • Use colorful confetti eggs as decorations in Easter baskets until it’s time to use them.
  • Hide confetti eggs and host a traditional Easter egg hunt with an unexpected finish.
  • Use confetti eggs outside on a hard surface like a driveway or patio so that the confetti is easy to clean up.
  • To make confetti eggs safer for birds, use colored or plain bird seed instead of traditional confetti. Make colored birdseed by mixing a few drops of food coloring into a cup of bird seed. Spread onto a flat paper towel or cookie sheet. Allow seed to dry completely before using in confetti eggs.
  • In addition to dyeing or coloring eggs, raid the craft cupboard for pipe cleaners, foam, sequins, and other supplies. Use them to create bunnies, chicks, and other springtime animals from the confetti eggs.

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