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Easter Egg Surprise Treats: These Easter Treats are Quick and Easy and Will Win You Applause

to an old custom and create a different little Easter egg surprise that will astonish even the most jaded Easter aficionado.

This project is not difficult at all – you transform an empty eggshell into a goodie container! The secret is to make a large than normal hole at the one end of the egg and then you simply empty the egg of its contents (you can freeze any raw eggs you won’t be using that day and use them later in cooking or baking) and fill the emptied shell with tiny chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Smarties or other favorite goodies.

Once filled up, you seal up the open end with a decorative self-stick seal or just plain tissue paper cut to fit. This project is so easy that most kids you know will love the results and you may be tempted to create dozens. If you want fancier looking eggs, get the children to dye and decorate the eggshells before you fill them up (just don’t tell them your plans for the decorated eggshells).

Material and tools

  • Eggs – brown or white
  • Easter sweets (small chocolates, jelly beans, Smarties, etc.)
  • Xacto knife or sharp pointed knife
  • Straight pin
  • Nail scissors Plastic drinking straw
  • Self-stick Easter seals (or candy wrapper, foil, tissue paper*)
  • *Glue stick


  1. Use the Xacto (or sharp pointed ) knife to gently tap a hole in the wide end of the egg. Enlarge the hole using the nail scissors large enough to slip in the treats.
  2. With the straight pin, poke a pin hole at the other end.
  3. With the large hole turned down, hold the egg over a bowl and use a short section of the drinking straw over the pin hole to blow out the egg contents.
  4. Rinse the inside of the eggshell with warm water and set aside to dry thoroughly.
  5. When you have enough eggs, carefully fill each one with the sweets, tapping the egg gently to allow the treats to settle.
  6. Using the self-seal stickers (or you can use foil, empty candy wrappers, or tissue paper cut into circles) cover the hole of each eggshell.
  7. If using your own cut circles, make sure these are large enough to cover the holes, and then use a gluestick around the edges of the circle and press over each hole to seal it.
  8. At breakfast, place the eggs in individual egg cups (or pile them in a bowl) with the sealed end down so the eggs look like ordinary boiled eggs and then wait for the ohhhs and ahhhs.
  9. If you or the kids decorated the eggshells, use them for a traditional egg hunt instead of at breakfast. Just make sure that you don’t hide the eggs where they can come in contact with dirt, pets, animals, insects or lawn chemicals.

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