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Easter Egg Hunting: Kids Love Candy, but Don’t Forget About Money, Too

As Easter comes near, there’s so much to do between family events, school outings, Spring break, and everything else. While some of the above can come and go, or be swapped out, one thing kids don’t want to have to forfeit is an Easter egg hunt.

When setting out eggs for the hunt, it’s important to be sure to fill them with all the best things that kids love. This includes their favorite candy and a little bit of money.

What to Do With Candy That Melts

For those living in warmer climates that may threaten to melt a Hershey’s Kiss or other chocolate goodies, the simple solution is to hide some of the eggs inside. This will alleviate any let down that will occur after a child opens his or her great Easter basket full of sweet chocolate only to find that the Easter egg hunt was full of melted candy.

This will be sure to get a child’s attention, especially if hunting of this kind has brought in less than bountiful trophies in the past. This time, not only will they find the egg hunt to be most climactic, but it will also contain unexpected riches.

Easter Egg Money

Some parents may wonder, “do kids really need money on Easter?” The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is that they need a dollar or two about as much as they need even more candy to follow the three pounds of chocolate and marshmallows they received earlier that same day.

The money in the eggs should not be extravagant, just relatively cheap. For families struggling, money enough to buy a few pieces of bubble gum would be very exciting. While the child doesn’t need gum anytime soon, children do benefit from interacting in commercial transactions.

Those with more to spare should get into the thrill of how their children will react when they find an egg with a five-dollar bill to accompany the ten or twelve quarters and dimes they also found. Parents concerned with making sure each child gets an equal share of the money should initial the money eggs so that the other children will know to pass them along with the understanding that everyone will get the same amount.

Easter is always fun for kids. Not only do they have the day off from school, but it’s a time for family and friends to be together. This year, it can be even better when they get the big surprise of finding such generous treats as their favorites chocolates and some money.

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