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Easter Crafts for Kids: Easy, Fun Activities and Projects for Children

Easter crafts offer a great way to spend the holiday, get in the Easter spirit or entertain kids during a rainy day or their Spring Break. Easter crafts can also be used as an activity for an Easter party at home, church or school. In addition, several of these gifts also double as Mother’s Day gifts.

Paint Wooden Eggs

Buy small wooden eggs from a crafts store. Use acrylic paint to paint different colors, stripes or decorations on the eggs. Use glitter paint for extra dazzle.

Painted eggs make a great Easter decoration or centerpiece. Display them individually or together in a basket. Make sure to write kids’ names and the year on each egg.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs represents a traditional Easter activity. There are many commercial egg dye kits available, or homemade egg dye can be created by mixing food coloring, hot water and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Use a white wax crayon to write names, draw pictures or create designs on eggs before putting them in the dye. Leaving eggs in dye longer creates a deeper hue.

Decorating Easter Egg Cookies

Decorating cut-out cookies is traditionally associated with Christmas, but for those who don’t like eating eggs, decorating Easter cookies represents a tastier alternative. Purchase an egg-shaped cookie cutter, and if desired, look for flower, bunny, chick and lamb cookie cutters as well.

Decorate cookies with different colors of frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, M&Ms or any other small candies.

Egg Crate Flowers

Create egg crate flowers by cutting up cardboard egg crates into individual cups. Paint the inside and outside of each cup with acrylic or tempera paint. After the cups dry, poke two small holes about a half inch apart in the bottom of the cups, using a nail or pen.

Thread the end of a green pipe cleaner up one hole and down the next, twisting the pipe cleaner around itself to secure the flower. Collect several flowers in a vase or clean jar. For a unique look, consider combining egg crate flowers and pipe cleaner flowers.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Make a bouquet of fuzzy flowers with pipe cleaners. Twist the end of a pipe cleaner once around a roll of Chap Stick or the neck of a soda bottle to form a round petal. Fold the remaining pipe cleaner over the petal and repeat until one has formed a flower.

Place flowers in a clean jar or small vase. If desired, decorate the jar or vase with acrylic paint, or tie a ribbon around it. Pipe cleaner flowers make a great gift, decoration or centerpiece. They can also be used as a Mother’s Day gift.

Easter Cards

Easter cards offer another fun craft for kids. Kids can make cards out of construction paper folded in fourths or card stock and decorate them by drawing bunnies, eggs, chicks, lambs or flowers. Stickers and glitter glue can also jazz up cards. Easter cards make great gifts for relatives, teachers or friends.

Making Easter Crafts

Many of these Easter crafts make great annual family traditions. Others will simply create wonderful memories children and parents will cherish for years. Many parents videotape their children searching for eggs. Similarly, remember one’s Easter crafts by taking pictures or videotaping the craft session.

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