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Children’s Handmade Easter Gifts: Kids Activities to Put in a Family Member’s Easter Basket

The excitement of the Easter season is here, and kids are always looking for ways to participate. These four Easter gifts are easy for kids to make and can be the focal point of an Easter basket for mommy or daddy. Each of the projects below can be customized for different ages. Some activities will require adult supervision the entire time and some may just need an adult to get them started. Clear off a space for the child to work and use any materials available to create the artwork

Easter Cards

Take construction paper or plain white paper and have the child color a picture. Use crayons, markers, pencils or even paint. If there is more than one child, give each one his own paper. Then, fold all of the cards together to make an Easter book. Be sure to mark each persons name on his page. If the child is older, consider adding scissors and glue to the project to allow for more of a variety.

Easter Necklace

There are several ways for children to make a necklace. A paper necklace can be made by cutting strips of paper. Kids can decorate the paper before or after it is cut. Next, take one strip and staple the ends together. Slide the second strip through the first circle and staple, creating a chain.

Another easy necklace idea uses yarn and noodles. Lace the noodles through the yarn and tie together at the end. Any type of noodle can be used as long as yarn can be threaded through. Consider using a few different types of noodles to give the necklace a unique look.

Easter Bookmark

Bookmarks are another easy craft for children to complete. Cut out the size and shape of bookmark desired from a piece of paper; traditionally a rectangular shape. Again, allow the child to decorate it using any of the art supplies available. To add a little extra detail, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the bookmark. Tie yarn or ribbon through the hole with the ends hanging loose.

Friends and family members love to feel important. A book explaining why they are important to a child can be priceless. Take pieces of paper and fold them in half, creating a book. Staple the closed edges together. The first page will be the title page of the book. Ask younger children questions to try and determine what they love about the person. Write one sentence or statement on each page and allow the child to illustrate that point. For older children, allow them to write out the statements.

Easter Book

It is important to note that each one of this activities will come out as a one of a kind project. Don’t be concerned with mistakes, errors, misspellings, or even rips or tears. Each one of those may be considered a problem for an adult making a project, but coming from a child, it adds character and personality to the gift.

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