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Children’s Crafts for an Easter Table: Easter Art for Kids

Easter time presents a good opportunity for children to be creative. The week leading up to Easter weekend can be punctuated with short bursts of crafting. Small children usually require projects that can be achieved quickly, so keep it simple for the little ones. Nor do you need to spend a fortune on crafting materials. Provide a table to cover with items as the children make them and enjoy watching it get more colourful every day.

A Few Simple Ideas for Easter Crafts

  • A chick card
  • An Easter bonnet
  • A bunny or chicken pot
  • Easter branches
  • Easter baskets

Gather Your Materials

You can manage with just the following essentials: card, and coloured paper, yellow paint, black and orange feltpens, empty tins, some thin twisty branches, glue and scissors; though, of course, be as extravagant as you wish. You’ll probably want to add coloured eggs (boiled dyed ones are ideal but you probably have your own favourite ways of decorating them, or you might prefer wooden, plastic or even polystyrene ones) and some chocolate ones hidden amongst the art surely won’t go amiss.

Get Crafty!

On a blank card press down a thumb covered in yellow paint repeatedly on the card to create thumb-print “chicks”. When dry, with a black feltpen draw on an eye, legs and clawed feet and with the orange pen, a beak.

The Easter bonnet might require a bit more intervention from you. Cut out a 3 or 4 cm brim from brightly coloured card and 2 cm strips of the same coloured card Fold the strips at each end by about a centimeter and use these end bits to glue under the brim forming a rainbow shape with the strips arcing all around the circle to form the “hat”. Cut out different coloured flower shapes that you can layer on top of each other and stick these flowers on the hat, perhaps adding a few green leaves.

Empty tin cans covered in coloured paper or felt can be turned into bunny or chicken pots by adding paper bunny ears, teeth and whiskers, with a pom pom tail or a cardboard beak and a few coloured feathers even. Eyes can be drawn or stuck on, they can be paper, foam or super googly ones. Fill the pot with shredded coloured paper “straw” or “grass” and pop in some mini chocolate eggs.

Easter branches can be stuck in a vase or pot and you can decorate the ‘tree’ by hanging eggs from the branches, and perching miniature chicks or soft toy rabbits on them.

For Easter baskets you may use ready woven ones with your own decorative additions or make use of free downloadable printout templates on the Internet and print one out that just needs cutting out, folding along the dotted lines and sticking down. Decorate with flowers, pictures, or ready-made stick-ons and again fill with shredded paper and eggs.

Children enjoy these simple and easily achievable projects and they particularly like making more of the same things once they get the hang of a design, so you’ll quickly have plenty to cover a table. Don’t forget to take a few photos before it all gets moved about and played with!

Happy Easter!

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