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Decorative Easter Eggs: Simple Decorations Using Real Eggs

These Easter egg projects take two different approaches to the traditional Easter Egg. The first project the Easter Egg Vase makes the egg a secondary but still essential part of decor. The second project The Meaning of Easter Egg puts Christ at the center of the holiday. Easter Egg Vase ...

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Easter Wreath: Decorating for Easter

Materials Needed: Netting (Approx. 5 yards) Needle Upholstery thread Scissors Ribbon Wire coat hanger optional-decorative eggs, bunnies or baby chicks Bend the coat hanger into a circle. Cut the netting into 8″ x 24″ strips. Fold in half and on the raw edge, run an in and out stitch the ...

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Easter eggs: making chicks and bunnies

Materials Needed: Burlap (approx. 1 yard) pinks and yellows Hard boiled eggs Thin ribbon Felt scraps Glue or hot glue Scissors Basket with Easter grass Cut 12″ circles in your bulap. Use a dinner plate for a template. Pull the burlap up around the egg and secure with the ribbon ...

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Heirloom Easter Basket: braid rug techniques

Heirloom Easter baskets are made using fabric that means something to you. Your baby outgrows an outfit from that special aunt. It has a stain on it so you can’t pass it on to another family member but you hate to get rid of it because of the sentiment. Your ...

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Decorating Easter Eggs: Eggs with Flair

Materials Needed: Lace fabric or disposable doilies Hard boiled eggs Rubber gloves Gold and silver spray paint Tape or rubber band Lay the fabric or doily over the egg. Secure with tape or rubber band. Put on your rubber gloves Since you will be using spray paint, make sure you ...

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Fluffy Easter Basket: From scrap fabric

Materials needed: Rug canvas (approx. 26″ x 20″) Fabric scraps Scissors or rotary cutter 1/8″ ribbon needle for ribbon 4 sheets of paper Tape Marker Hot Glue gun and glue sticks iron Take one sheet of paper and cut it in half so you have two sheets measuring 5 ½” ...

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