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Naramata Rolls Out New Wines With Aftergolw, A Rite of Spring

The Okanagan Spring Wine Fest gets under way April 30-May 9, 2018 with its signature Roll Out The Barrels! However the Naramata Bench Wineries Association, a collection of fifteen wineries on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake above Penticton, jumped the gun a tad by having two new release events ...

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Harbingers of Spring in the Gardens of Eastern Ontario

Very aware of spring’s uncertainties, hopeful gardeners look for emerging spring flowers. They may even attempt to rake some snow from flower beds in an effort to facilitate the thawing process. Johnny Jump-Up Flowers in the Snow There are very few plants to compare with the dependable, loyal Johnny Jump-Up ...

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Italian Easter Pie: A Vegetable Cake for All Occasions

Pasqua’ is the Italian word for Easter and ‘Torta’ means cake. This dish initially originated in Liguria and is a treat any time of the year. Hard-boiled eggs can be used instead of raw eggs if preferred. The number of eggs used is optional. Originally in respect of Easter, there ...

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Carnival in Patras Greece is Ideal for an Early Spring Break

If you are considering an early spring break, why not think about celebrating carnival season in Greece. The carnival held in Patras in the Peloponnese is ranked highly in the world’s carnival ratings. It’s held on the Sunday before the beginning of Lent, and so the date changes annually. Dates ...

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Take Kids on a Woodland Wildflower Walk in Spring

Take your children for a walk in the woods in early spring and look for native American wildflowers. Kids will enjoy finding the wildflowers and learning their names. Native wildflowers originated in America, whereas alien plants originated somewhere else and were brought to America. If you know the natives and ...

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