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French Customs and Traditions – Spring and Summer

Taking part in these French celebrations and events can be a very rewarding experience for the tourist. Events differ from region to region, so contact your local tourist office for information about your area. If you are in France in spring and summer, you may come across the following celebrations. ...

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Rhubarb: How to Harvest and Freeze, Sauce and Jam Recipes

Rhubarb may be a vegetable botanically, but it makes great jams and preserves, tasty sauces and many desserts. Rhubarb combines well with strawberries and other spring fruits. Classic rhubarb desserts include crisps, cobblers and pies. Rhubarb grows well in USDA plant zones 3 – 8 as a perennial receiving full ...

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Spring Rolls – An Independent Short Film Review

In Spring Rolls, a short thriller from Palfery-Productions, ltd, a Chinese wife named Kym (played by Ava Lyn Koh) runs a restaurant in London. She has her suspicions that her husband (played by Wu Qiang) is cheating on her and sets out to find out if she is correct. If ...

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