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Cat Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Easter Sunday: From Catnip Toys to Holiday Cat Food Find Easter Basket Gifts

When it comes to celebrating Easter Sunday with friends and family, there are many things that are commonly associated with the holiday. The Easter parade, easter egg hunts and even going out for Easter brunch are things families commonly do together to celebrate the day.

Well one way to make the day a little extra special is to include the family pets as well. Give the family cat their very own Easter basket. As the children rifle through their Easter basket, the cat can have fun with all sort of goodies from their own treat basket. Here are some Easter basket ideas for the cat in the family.

Find the Best Catnip for the Pet Cat

What’s a holiday without a little celebration? And in cat language that means catnip. Purchase everything from catnip toys to catnip balls to catnip pellets and even catnip seeds for the really ambitious cat lover who wants to grow their own! Fill the Easter basket with all sorts of catnip treats.

Buy a Bunny Costume for the Cat

Find a cute little bunny shirt and bunny ears for the cat. If the pet store doesn’t have cat costumes, a medium sized dog costume will usually do the trick. And while cats certainly aren’t known for wearing a lot of clothing, slipping a shirt on and snapping off a picture or two will make the Easter holiday a little more memorable.

Buy a Scratching Post for Cats

Another item that cats love (that also saves furniture and couches from the wrath of cat nails) is a scratching post. Easter is the perfect time to buy the cat a new scratching post or replace an old post. The scratching post can serve as the center of the Easter basket.

Buy Holiday Cat Toys

Every cat needs a new mouse the chase, maybe even a cat nip mouse! Buy some new toys for the cat that they can play with. Yarn balls, and other types of cat toys will also provide a little new incentive for exercise too.

Buy Cat Food or Cat Treats

Aside from the cat nip, there are other treats that cats enjoy. Buy a few cans of wet food or semi-moist cat food for the little one to enjoy. That way as everyone is eating their hearty Easter brunch, the cat can chow down on a fine meal as well.

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