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Buy Unique and Gourmet Easter Candy Online: Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Truffles, Jelly Beans and Eggs

Online candy retailers offer a wealth of distinctive candy options for the Easter bunny (and his helpers) to create special Easter baskets.

Find the following unique Easter candies on the Web.

Chocolate Truffle Filled Eggs in a Box

A round pastel box decorated with a bucolic spring meadow scene comes filled with Chocolate Truffle Filled Eggs in a charming Easter gift from Williams-Sonoma.com (seen in the photo below). The pastel colors continue on the candy coating of each speckled egg, the centers of which are filled with chocolate truffles surrounded by a layer of dark chocolate. About 24 eggs come in each six-ounce box. Price: $14. Shipping is $5.50.

Artisan Hand Painted and Handmade Chocolate Eggs

Almost too pretty to eat, the Ensemble of Easter Eggs from Knipschildt Chocolatier features nine hand painted and handmade chocolate eggs: three dark chocolate eggs with dark chocolate ganache, three milk chocolate eggs with nougatine ganache, and three white chocolate eggs with passion fruit ganache. Packed in a cardboard egg carton with hay and tied with a festive ribbon. Price: $30. Shipping varies with UPS.

Maple Sugar Candy Easter Bunny

Tired of plain chocolate Easter bunnies? Try a Maple Sugar Candy Easter Bunny from Piecesofvermont.com (pictured below). Maple sugar candy is created when candy makers boil maple syrup to reduce the amount of liquid and pour the thick remains into molds.

The end result is a melt-in-your mouth sweet candy familiar to anyone who has ever lived in or traveled to New England in the U.S. On the Pieces of Vermont site, a two-ounce Maple Sugar Candy Easter Bunny is available dipped in yellow chocolate ($4.30) or plain ($3.80). Bunnies come individually boxed with a pastel ribbon. Shipping varies.

Harry Potter Jelly Beans, Bertie Bott’s

Candy fans will need wizard-like bravery to try the Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans from the Candy Warehouse. Made famous in the Harry Potter books, these jelly beans feature such intriguing flavors as vomit, ear wax, dirt, and earthworm. The three-ounce packet of jelly beans comes with a decorated Bertie Bott’s pouch and a printed flavor guide. Price: $7.50. Shipping varies.

Easter Dragees From Crateandbarrel.com

Mixed nuts get a fancy, pastel treatment in the Easter Dragees collection from Crateandbarrel.com (seen below). A candy coating covers milk and semisweet chocolate-dipped sunflower nuts, pistachios, almonds, and peanuts. Price for the four-ounce ribboned gift box: $6.95. Shipping is $4.95.

Make the Perfect Easter Basket

Start with a classic or unique container for Easter goodies; wicker baskets and metal pails are attractive and stand up to many years of use. Then add the requisite green cellophane Easter grass or create recycled Easter filler with shredded newspaper or junk mail. Place a tall chocolate Easter bunny in the center of the basket and strew chocolate eggs, jelly beans and bright yellow marshmallow peeps and any of the gourmet candies listed above throughout the basket.

To temper the sugar high that accompanies Easter morning, throw in some crayons, toys cars, trading cards, or plastic jewelry for a brief distraction from the abundance of sweet goodies.

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