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Affordable and Easy DIY Easter Decorating Tips: Save Time and Money Making Easter Holiday Decorations

Decorating with Eggs

A few days before the Easter weekend, dye hardboiled eggs using food coloring (to save time, you can buy papier maché eggs at gift or craft stores). If you’re coloring your own eggs and want only a simple arrangement, grind pepper over the eggs while still damp to get the pretty speckled look. Pile the eggs into glass containers or vintage bowls throughout the house as quick and easy decorations.

Create a simple Easter wreath by gluing colored eggs to a twig or straw form. Hang up in the foyer or hallway. Or why not insert a colorful candle in the centre of the wreath as a pretty centrepiece for the dinner table? Tuck in a few foil-covered chocolate eggs to tempt the kids to the table.

Easter Treats

Kids always like fun treats at Easter, especially if filled with sweets. So why turn a plain Jane egg into an Easter surprise. Fill the inside of an empty eggshell with small chocolates or candies. When the egg is ‘cracked’, the goodies will spill out.

As a bonus treat for departing guests, fill little plastic bags or small baskets with chocolate eggs and other treats to take home.

Easter Table Settings

To pretty up the breakfast table, use pastel-colored paper cupcake wrappers to make pretty skirts in egg cups for those morning eggs. Personalize the eggs with each diner’s name or initial using a different colored crayon for each one.

At the dinner table, make a statement by combining vintage crockery with new china. Add a packet of flower of herbs seeds by each place setting as fun (and non-fattening) gifts for guests.

Decorating the House

To save money, you only need one or two pots of daffodils (or your favorite spring flowers) to make an impact. Remove the plants from the plastic containers and gently separate the bulbs. Place each separated bulb in an interesting container. You can use terra cotta pots, cups, small jars, or vases.

Place a repotted flower at each place setting or, for a pretty miniature landscape, put a few in a pretty tray and then fill in with some dyed eggs. Place this tray on a hall table for guests to enjoy as they enter.

Tuck a few pussy willow or plain tree branches, purchased at the garden center or from your own back yard, into a vase or clay pot (use stones or marbles to hold upright). Glue ribbons in a loop to the ends of the eggs with a glue gun and attach to the branches. You can also hang smaller candy or chocolate eggs from the branches.

Transform a quiet corner with bunches of cut spring flowers in unexpected containers such as sap buckets, preserve jars and plastic pails.

Decorating Corner for the Kids

After dinner, send the kids to the basement study or family room where they’ll find paper plates, tissue and crepe paper, crayons, doilies, scissors and glue to create fanciful Easter crafts. Make sure an older sibling or adult is on hand to help out.

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